Saturday, September 10, 2011

it's saturday in athens

Saturday in Athens means craziness with a little football thrown in!
So we had our first home game after a loss last weekend to Boise State. Unfortunately, today was another L on the record :(  45–42 vs. USC

But football game means tailgate...

we made some australian friends...   :)


4th quarter

But losing luckily doesn't completely bring down Bulldawg Nation.  Athens was absolutely crazy!  And the town was absolutely covered in all things red and black. 

A highlight? So, I was driving people Friday night (no, that's certainly not the highlight) and got to catch up with some South African friends! then hang out John (old boss from american mountain who now lives in asheville)!!!! and then proceeded to give a belligerently drunk graduate a ride home. [No, I have no idea who he was/is but he was in town reliving the glory days.]  I gave him a ride simply as a good deed. But when he got out, he gave me a wad of money– 2 fifties, 1 ten, and 9 ones.... $119!?!?! what?! I was making bank instead of waking up broke on Saturday morning! Awesome.

**photo creds to Liz and Alex

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