Sunday, December 25, 2011

we wish you a merry christmas

Merry Christmas!!! 

no white christmas :( rainy in the ATL

Bear anticipating his gift

Nate's contribution = his outgrown jacket
and yet he still gets a thank you kiss
best gift ever = growler. terrapin. hand carried from Athens

Nate in his monkey suite, crushing the poor cat
new christmas clothes!
yes, he wore this all day

Afternoon Christmas brunch with family and friends!

boys and toy guns...
kid's table
beautiful Brown family!
veggies {brussel sprouts, squash, beets}. and meat.

Christmas decor
mer and I 
Sheryl taking on Ian in a friendly* game of foosball
Christmas cookies!
Coco getting some love
and what would christmas be without some Po?!

We ate til we could eat no more. then ate some more. 
Todd and I played the piano. Ian played a lot of foosball. Nate and Aaron played airsoft. Listened to Christmas songs – Carole King's new album on repeat. Watched a lot of basketball and football {and of course, Kung Fu Panda 2}.

And we all laughed and loved–because that's what Christmas is for!

Let the NBA season begin!! woohoo!!

Here are some songs from our Christmas playlist today:

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  1. aw christmas at the offutt house! seriously made me crack up when i couldn't sleep here at 4 in the morning, haha. i like nate's regift and the fact that your dad liked his growler--what better gifts could there be, right?
    also, i read your posts from out west but figured i'd just post all at once. there are some great ones! you girls look beautiful in your snow gear and look like you had a great time! hope charlotte's knee is doing better.
    talk to you soon :)