Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hike for cam

Charlie and Randy are finally setting out onto their Hike for Cam on the AT today!  They were supposed to depart a couple weeks ago (march 22) until Randy got into a dirt bike accident that crushed his collarbone the Sunday before their Tuesday departure... such bad timing.  But, after surgery and stitches, they are back on track and ready to hit the trail!

Cam Street is truly an inspiration to everyone that knew him and and his family.  Unfortunately, cancer finally took over his struggling body and after 3 years with it, he passed away in 2009.  I think of him and his family often, reminded of the great strength they possess.
Both Charlie and Randy graduated from Lovett and were Eagle Scouts (as was Cam).  Their goal is to hike the 2,179 miles from Georgia to Maine to fight childhood cancer and raise funds for Boy Scouts of America and CURE Childhood Cancer.  I worked with CURE throughout high school and am truly blessed for the experience to see the works and passion of people in our community for childhood cancer– as well as the growing passion for it!

Best of luck, y'all! What an amazing experience!

So while they are spending the next few months in the woods, there are a few things we at home can do too!  You can follow their journey and donate directly to Hike for Cam on their blog/website:
And if you're a fan of mellow mushroom... go eat at the Vinings mellow mushroom every monday and wednesday (until their trip is over) and put your receipt in the Hike for Cam jar at the front cash register.  mellow mushroom will donate 10% of every receipt in that jar to Hike for Cam.  Time to crush some pizzas!!
American Mountain is also doing a 40% off sale. So put "hike4cam" in the promotion code box at checkout!

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