Thursday, April 28, 2011

railroad revival

Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes, old crow medicine show, and mumford and sons finished up their Railroad Revival tour last night in new orleans. What an awesome tour!  Starting in Oakland, they traveled to 6 cities, all by train. how much fun?!?!
if only it'd been on a weekend OR the railroad extended east :(

Ben Lovett (M&S) and Willie Watson (OCMS) on board
Dwane (of mumford and sons) and his broken bass

Willie Watson (OCMS), Cory Younts (OCMS), Winston Marshall (M&S), Ben Lovett (M&S), Gill Landry (OCMS)
and a sing-a-long led by Jade and Alex of Ed Sharpe! 

and some songs for your listening pleasure:

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