Thursday, March 10, 2011

charm city

Had a wonderful weekend away in Baltimore with one of the cousins!!
I love people with whom you connect even if you're not with them all the time... i.e. Ali.

The weekend involved...
walks along the water

dreams of lavish hats and horse races
samurai swords and kung-fu movies
(or maybe not so much)
star gazing on the roof
(**note the lovely purple patagonia bag courtesy of my purchasing**)

watching the world pass by
fire escape climbing

late night arts and crafts
discussions about type and resume designing

necessary shopping for even more necessary goods
story of my life

i love public art!

and mustaches!

And then my camera died :(

But also included (and you will just have to imagine, sorry):

• much more delicious food
• vegetable ice cream (and now a goal to make my own)
• the art museum
• strange-people watching
• me eating a way too hot chili pepper, followed by spitting up, crying, and not being able to breathe--      (trader joe's needs to put a warning label!)
• and lots of 'inspiration' browsing-- for crafts and especially weddings :)
how magical!


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