Sunday, January 2, 2011



minus big rich

all the 'teens'

The Hempels invited us for a last minute opportunity to go down to Watercolor, FL for a few days.  What an offer?! Dad decided he had to hold down the fort and play golf, so Mom, Nate, and I hit the road for some days filled with rain and sun, family, friends, bikes, football, new years, and lots of fun.  We ended 2010 with a delicious meal, live music, crashing a proper party, and began 2011 with a countdown and fireworks on the beach with the sound of waves crashing in the background.  CHEERS!!!


  1. You have a blog?? And when did your mom shrink so much? And why does your father where a feather in his hair? Never mind, those all have obvious answers. Though your mother does look really small compared to her children.

    But does that adorable chocolate lab looking doggie belong to you guys? He is cute!

    Miss you cuz. Hopefully I can see you soon. Getting motivated to build up my blog for the new year... we'll see.

  2. hahahhaa well nate is taller than me now so mom really is the midget in the family!
    we were dog sitting so no, she doesn't belong to us :( i'd love to get another dog!
    let me know when you get a blog going- i'll follow it!
    love love!!!!