Sunday, January 9, 2011

failed attempts

So my goal for the break was to get bored. Didn't go so well.
our sweet bible study boys growin up

My days were spent:
cooking and baking--cookies, bread, the broken oven :(
skiing in Telluride--snowboard world cup and dubskin concert
climbing at Stone Summit
a white christmas!
playing squash at the club--plus basketball and the steam room
big meals
revisiting Lovett--all school chapel, the boys bible study
watching 127 hours--i love james franco!
long walks
laxing on denny field
eating at chateau de saigon--highly recommend it
enjoying company at watercolor/seaside, fl--bike rides, fireworks, beach games, poker, late night swims
mountain biking
making new art projects
planning trying to plan my life
chinese massages
making decisions or lack thereof--and driving others crazy with it
watching stupid movies in our freezing basement
watching sports--hawks, thrashers, lots of football

Might I also add that I am writing this still sore from our great, cheap chinese massages yesterday, and teary-eyed from the car ride back to school.  I packed up the car, played at the club, and said goodbyes.  My ipod was on shuffle and then 'ready, set, don't go' came on.... and that's when I lost it.  I don't even like billy ray cyrus!


  1. teary-eyed from the car ride....

    "God I've gotta be strong..." The words from this song are quite fitting my love.

    I was proud of myself for saying our goodbyes with a smile on my face!! I love your heart.


    Thought you might like this... Him describing cutting off his arm was agonizing for me, I couldn't imagine going through that...

    Hope you feel better soon!
    -Chris P