Saturday, January 22, 2011


alumni game

It's a known fact that I am painfully indecisive.  But today was a big day- I am officially NOT playing lacrosse this season.  Tryouts were this morning and... I wasn't there.

It's still a bit sad for me to think about the team, but I'm just glad that I made a decision and am sticking to it!  The past couple months have been filled with meditation, yoga, and seeking advice over the issue (thank you to those who have been putting up with me!).  I've come to the realization that I would like lacrosse to be in the peripheral at this point in my life and the team isn't where I can find that.

Best of luck this season!!

This is totally unrelated but I wanted to share with you the new Iron & Wine album that is to be released on the 25th! Happy listening!


  1. I think you probably made the right choice (and great song!)

  2. Oh, it worked! Maybe I wasn't logged into Gmail last time I tried...