Wednesday, August 3, 2011

road trip

So mom had the grand idea of driving to michigan (minus dad) to relive the days of driving up there when nate and i were younger.  Can you say FFF? Forced family fun? Nate got his permit this summer so we'd have 3 drivers to take turns driving and sleeping. But with nate behind the wheel, one of us had to be another navigator.  We certainly had some good laughs.  And it wasn't but a couple of miles on the road that Mom decided to start a tally- for me, the number of times i cussed (mostly at nate) and for nate, the number of times he 'situated himself.'  I think we're pretty even.

stayed at a hotel with some locals

a bit of a cultural experience

good morning, sunshine

and nate was driving

magellan navigating the storms

feeding baby nate


so tempted to steal it

Well we finally made it to Michigan in 14 hours 
[normally takes @ 12]
but we did make several, several stops. including a few for arby's mocha shake


  1. good to see the family out and on the road. Great blog.

  2. I'll try one more time! It keeps disappearing! Loved the pictures of the trip up to "Grandma's', and the actual visit also. Thanks for sharing all the things you do. I come back quite often, and still find photos I haven't seen before.