Friday, August 5, 2011

day in the life

Uncle Tim enrolled Skye in a gymnastics class while they're in Michigan for the month.  The gym was wayyy cool and who knew 2 year olds did gymnastics?!

Skye introduced Nate to his new instructor: "This is my friend, Nate."

private class with a tag-along

Then we went to the mall to the Apple store (I got a laptop! woohoo!) and to find a white dress for rush.  Skye was still tied to Nate's hip.

Another favorite memory of mine is spending the afternoon at Cook's Farm Dairy where you can walk around with cows and pigs and the farmers.  They make the most delicious ice cream too!  So it was another must for little Skye.  On the way, some water spilled on Skye, so we tried to dry out his clothes in the car.

they liked my jorts

city boy finally steps into the barn

we got to nurse the babies

and drink some super fresh, warm milk. yummy
Loved it just as much as I remembered!


  1. Hi Elly, Took a long time for me to find these pictures, but well worth it!! Love to relive memories, of long ago, and just this year with you and your family.Also had to let you know what a beautiful job you did with Ali's wedding. Must have been fun picking the flowers, they were so pretty in their final presentations!! Everything did work out well that evening, in spite of the rain. Somehow it just disappeared at the right time, and everything worked out. Thanks for all the work you all put in it to make her day so memorable. Must tell you, you are so one of a kind, it takes a while to find other 'one of a kind'. You're just a wonderful person elly, don't ever forget that!!! Keep the pictures coming, I love to look at them, when I eventually find them!! Have a good year at college, keep a positive attitude. Love, Grandma

  2. Wow Elly -- what a nice message from Grandma. Yes it is a year later, but just now saw it. As I read about our Labor Day weekend, I saw a link to a picture of Nathan and Skye, so clicked on and saw this. GREAT memories and I will ditto mom's statement, 'you are so one of a kind, it takes a while to find another 'one of a kind'.
    Love you