Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ray anderson

I just found out that Ray Anderson, visionary founder of Interface Inc. passed away a couple weeks ago on  August 7th. As I potentially go further along the business track here at school, I am often puzzled by the great disconnect between business and environmentalism.  Mr. Anderson defied the typical business model and successfully bridged those two entities in his carpet business.

Now the reason the news of his death caught my attention is that he came and spoke at school a number of years ago. I rarely remember speakers as there were so many and let's face it, who pays attention in middle and high school?  But I have always remembered him and his speech. He's truly an amazing individual- go research him.

Check out this article from Patagonia about Ray Anderson

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  1. ok "Ray has now traveled to a new forest" new phrase and I like it! Thanks el