Tuesday, May 31, 2011

week 2

again, i apologize that this is all for now... but i'll try to fill you in

so to start, we went sea kayaking last weekend . absolutely beautiful!
and then a quick swim afterwards- at least now i can say i swam in the atlantic on the african side in winter

sydney and i. wet and cold but still smiling!
 and a yummy bushman lunch and then mini safari

this lovely woman taught me the clicks of her language
And i worked in the computer lab in kayamandi during the mornings- teaching people everything from how to click a mouse to writing a resume in word

painfully slowwww
and we got a tour of kayamandi
those are what they call smileys. aka raunchy sheep heads
some lovely ladies out on the town

spent friday afternoon in cape town along the water front. needless to say, im glad we're staying in stellenbosch and not cape town

i never said it wasnt beautiful though...
sunset over table mountain and lions head
all day saturday was spent wine & cheese tasting and vineyard touring
ever since i watched the parent trap, ive wanted to live on a vineyard.  being here only makes me want it even more

on our day off, some of us decided to give a try at climbing one of the mountains right around here
struggling at the beginning of the trail


i apologize as this computer is getting more and more difficult to use. so blogging may become nonexistent altogether. i am about to chuck this damn thing out the window. i have spent hourS doing this post. but dont worry, there have been plenty of expletives along the way

it was more of a scramble/climb rather than a nice hike. and it rained. awesome

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  1. What wonderful experiences! Was the scramble/climb a worthy training? Are you eating sheep's head? Even with the challenge of submitting your blog - it is VERY much appreciated and enjoyed at this end. love you...