Friday, May 20, 2011

excursion: cape town

Went on our first ‘excursion” today into Cape Town.  My worst nightmare—we rode in a giant tour bus and absolutely screamed tourist. Terrible.  

We took a freaking cable car up Table Mountain.  It was beautiful but I really had to make an effort to take it seriously. 

Some time in my life, I want to come back and climb up an actual route (they have sport and trad climbing routes set up!) and stay in the overnight hut at the end and hike all around the top and wake up to the most spectacular view you’ve ever seen (except for the yellow haze of smog across the horizon).  But supposedly that blows away in the summer with the different winds.  You can also do a 5 day hike from Table Mountain to the point of the Cape. 

Had lunch with the whole group up on a hill overlooking the harbor.  Then went to a castle/fortress by some Dutch exporer right in the middle of town. 
It was beautiful inside but not all that exciting.

I just can’t get over how ridiculous we look! The windows aren’t even tinted. [BTW someone just walked by and asked how my studying is going.  He must think I’m a real student here!]

Got back home in time to take a nap and go out yet again Somehow our flat turned out to be the party room.  All of the sudden there was a place full of people playing drinking games and getting silly.  Meanwhile, I was standing outside talking to one of our neighbors, Marle.  She actually yelled at me yesterday for being too loud (surprise, surprise) so she apologized and we talked for a good while while people were busy getting drunk. [Since it is winter here, students are finishing the term for winter holiday so they are busy studying for exams.] 
I think girls here are much nicer and less competitive here than at home.  It isn’t weird to be good friends without any sexual relationship.  Girls are also taller here.  I wish it were this easy at home to get along so well. 

We finally went out and ended up at a dance club.  People dance very differently here; they bounce around instead of grinding (gross).  Oh and mullets are the ‘in’ style here. So gross but I can’t help but smile.  I’ve heard it’s a rugby thing like flow is a lax thing.  

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