Sunday, May 22, 2011

excursion: kayaking

I didn’t wear panties today J We had a bright and early start including sleeping through the alarm- whoops.  Beautiful drive up the western coast of South Africa on a long straight road through grape and wheat fields and mountains as far as you could see.  
A couple hours later we arrived in a small fishing town to do some sea kayaking.  All of the buildings were white-washed and so picturesque against the deep dark sea.  The beach littered in little fishing skiffs. 

Our guide’s (Keith, who will also be our guide for Zimbabwe/Botswana) dog was quite possibly my favorite.  He was a huge dark German shepherd; gnarly looking. 

 Sun faintly rising over the hazy horizon.  The swells were pretty small which made it easier for kayaking.  There was a red tide in the bay where the whales come to birth (not this time of year though).  There were large kelp beds and birds and a couple of penguins among the large boulders protruding from the water.  We only got to boat for an hour L  but it was still beautiful.  Caught a wave coming onto shore. I’d forgotten that feeling; makes me want to surf.  

After we got to shore I pressured Sydney into swimming with me. Now at least we can say we swam in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa in the winter.  Besides my nipples freezing off, it was a lot of fun! I love the feeling of being dry and warm with your hair still damp after being wet and cold, and your body covered in sand. So great.  

On the beach, a white Mercedes pulled up dragging a boat behind it. No trailer, but a rope tied to the hitch.  It was struggling but seemed pretty sufficient.  After we got dry, we went for coffee and tea.  Rooibos with sugar and milk is such a comfort thing for me, even though it reminds me of life living in the barn with Edi where sometimes the tea was all I ate/drank, but also where I lived a life unlike anything I’d ever experienced and built relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Then we drove for a while again through bush land until we got to the restaurant for lunch.  Had delicious couscous and goat cheese.  Very cool atmosphere- stone and painted wood, rustic and homey.  I wish I liked meat; everything is so unique and fresh but it just doesn’t appeal to me at all.  Maybe I’ll try something on this trip like springbok or ostrich.  

After lunch we got a tractor tour of the place and a lesson on the tribe from around here. They speak in clicks! I want to make my own languate out of clicks. 

Ben, Tricia, Annie and I did P90X yoga when we got back.  I didn’t particularly like it and it reminded me of Debi back home, which made me sad.  I’ve been doing some on my own but it’s not the same as class. 

Most restaurants were closed downtown as it’s Sunday night but there are some really great people on the trip that I’m getting to enjoy.  A couple of us were talking music and Patrick asked what everyone’s favorite is.  We all thought (but really I already knew what mine is because it’s always and probably will always be the same).  As soon as I said Grateful Dead, he goes, “I knew it! I was going to guess that!” I’ve known him less than a week. Am I really that predictable?!  And when we were kayaking, someone noticed and commented that I was the only girl in a single and that I would be the one to do that.  They sure are figuring me out fast. Damn. 

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