Tuesday, May 17, 2011

final destination

Finally (after an 8 hour layover in Dulles, stop in Dakar, Senegal, missing our connection in Jburg which means an overnight at a hotel and early flight to Cape Town) made it to Stellenbosch! Things are looking good. I can’t stop smiling!

We got in and moved into our ‘flats’ that overlook these spectacular mountains. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m rooming with a girl named Maryann who goes to U of M.  Block 23, room 114.

Got my Stellenbosch ID, went grocery shopping. 

Had our official welcoming dinner/banquet at Moyo- must go if ever in Cape Town.  Delicious is an understatement. Adorned with fire pits and couches under big tents.  3 women in beads came and sang Lion King’s “in the jungle.”Gave me chills. We all got face painted with white dots. Mine looked like a dragon fly- loved it! 

Finally got to see Dr. Finlay (the professor who plays squash)! Love him! If I hadn’t come across him at the squash courts and then decided to keep going back, I wouldn’t be right here in Stellenbosch/South Africa right now. 

Even though we’re nowhere near living in bush tents with wild game, I find myself thinking about things like the Lion King and Born Free- favorites of mine.  I haven’t seen Born Free in years but Mom and I watched the trailer just before I left and both of us were brought to tears.

How do we support others for what’s best for them not for our interests? ‘Tis a difficult thing to let go sometimes.

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