Saturday, May 7, 2011

good people

Today I had a [yet another] freakout.  not about my future. or what classes to take. or if i should join the lacrosse team.  but instead, I lost my wallet! It has my ids, credit cards, room key... pretty much my lifeline. I am leaving the country in a week too [well that's another freakout in and of itself]. Needless to say I felt more than nauseous.  I retraced my steps up and down Lumpkin (damn that hill) as the last time i remembered having it was walking out my door to go study downtown.  Then after a lovely lunch with the Thorpe's at Trapeze (the last place i took the family), I decided to relax and just proceed studying for my last finals.  That's when I got an email saying that someone turned in my wallet to the conference center/hotel.  So one more trek across campus and my wallet was back in my hands with absolutely nothing missing- not even the $20 bill!  My point is not to say how lucky I am to have it back (I would've died if it was actually gone), but rather to show that there are in fact good people out there looking out for us.

Share the love and good karma, my friends!

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