Saturday, May 21, 2011

excursion: cape of good hope

I think I could live here.  Went to one of the most beautiful plaes I’ve ever seen today.  [I guess the one good thing about being in an obnoxious tour group is the convenience.  You don’t have to think or plan anything.] We had a lovely drive along False Bay where Seal Island is with all the sharks!  Ya know, like in shark week? Planet earth? It was so, so cool! 

We stopped at a penguin place along the way. They’re so goofy.  I could sit there all day watching the little guys try to walk.  Evolution hasn’t been so good to them. 

At one of the beaches I waded into the water because I saw a cool starfish and wanted to get a picture of it.  Rather than join me, people just took pictures of me going into the water to take a picture. Wow.   But the place was still spectacular.

Then we drove on through the Cape of Good Hope.  Ok, within a span of about 15 minutes, I saw penguins, a whale, and baboons.  This place isn’t real.  Sat by Dr. Crepaz and Ben on the bus. We talked about skiing for nearly the whole time. Awesome!

Had a delicious lunch overlooking the sea and mountains.  Ordered some fancy dish that was featured on the Travel Chanel just because we weren’t paying for it.  

After we rolled ourselves out the restaurant, we hiked up to the top where the lighthouse is.  How cool would it be to be the lighthouse keeper up there?! Pick me!  

If that dream can’t come true then I’d at least want to see a big storm roll in and watch the waves crash up against the high cliffs.  I really love all the natural beauty here. Everytime I look outside there’s something spectacular. Where’s Ashton?

One of Mom’s questions: Who would you like to share this with? Well, there are so many! I wish everyone could share these moments.  

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