Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ready, set, go

7 July 2010

I am just so ready to go. Go to college. Go places just for the heck of it. Go places maybe nobody else wants to go. Go, just to go! And go do what I want to do!

This Philippine woman next to me is a scream! She’s en route back home for her mother’s funeral. She puts her seat back as soon as the flight attendant is out of sight, having just told her to bring it back up. She pushes the call button for someone to bring her Oreos. Not a puke bag, but Oreos! She started panicking at the smell of the plane fuel, thinking that Delta was trying to poison and kill her. And she's brought more snacks than a soccer mom!

I can't remember the last time I watched a movie from start to finish. On this flight alone, I've watched at least 5! I guess I really can watch a whole movie- but only under seriously bored circumstances. Boring is exactly what a trip from Bozeman to Salt Lake City to Tokyo to Hong Kong is. I’ve had cup after cup of green tea so I haven’t closed my eyes for even the slightest bit of sleep.

I've had an epiphany on this LONG plane ride. I've realized that in everything and for everyone, time always runs out! Think about it. Time runs out for goodbyes, for bucket lists, for children, for life. Time always, always runs out.

I don’t know what I expected an Asian airport to be like but it certainly wasn’t quite this. Instead of M&M’s and trail mix, there are little dried fish and crabs coated in sesame seeds. Yumm… I just hope I make it to the right gate and onto the correct flight! Nothing is familiar except for the occasional numbers and infamous golden arches.

the airport.  only the Chinese...

again, they love this stuff!

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