Saturday, July 10, 2010

made in china.

10 July 2010

Uncle Tim and I woke up early to begin our journey west, starting from Kowloon. We passed one factory after another. Ever thought about just how much is Made in China? Everything!! Millions of people working in a place we would consider to be an inhuman environment making less than $1 per day, making something that we buy at a small monetary price.

We flew out of Shenzhen after a bus ride from Kowloon. Oh, the bus was so Chinese! Pink, loud, and we had to wear stupid stickers.

terraced landscape = excessive use of manual labor.
necessary? i think not
The airport KFC was absolutely packed. We decided to take the lesser-crowded restaurant next door. This stuff makes everything of mine that y'all laugh at look like PB & J. There are too many weird sauces and not to mention foods that I don't want to know what they are. And of course just about every dish has meat.

mmm chinese airport food

I love how there are so many people that jobs are fabricated for the sake of using manual labor. Are 2 doormen at 1 door really necessary? Having people sweep the highway that travels through sandy desert-like land? Hiring somebody to stand at a taxi stand to get taxis as they pull up? And all the shopping with more than enough employees, yet lacking actual shoppers?

And get this- all of China is in the same time zone!? It'd be like going coast to coast. I just don't get that. Needless to say, there is still a lot I would like to wrap my head around regarding this place, but it seems like most everyone else feels the same way.


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