Tuesday, July 20, 2010

life's a journey

For most of our hike today, the discussion was again my future. We finally concluded by setting my long-term goal to education.
an abandoned site

We came across another nomad camp where we were invited for tea and zampa. The woman gave us each a bowl of yak butter, cheese, and tea and she piled up heaps of barley flour into the bowls. We mixed with our fingers. Maybe I’m just getting used to the yak taste, but it was really good. Her young boy (maybe 2 years old) clung to her shoulders. He just held on everywhere she went, weary of getting too close to us.

We got a little lost today and didn’t find our camp until it was about dark. Some women in the village where we camped invited us for tea. We gave her daughter a Hershey’s bar. She snuck it outside and ate it all in one bite. She didn’t think we could see her, but we definitely could.

Jimpa neglected to tell us until tonight, but it’s his birthday.  What a great place to be for your birthday!

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