Monday, July 19, 2010

wish upon a star

woke up to ice everywhere. Every step I took crunched. Jimpa gave us a lesson in Tibetan medicine this morning. Tibetan doctors diagnose patients based on their skin, muscle, and bone pulses in the arm. It’s really cool.

I walked mostly on my own today. I enjoyed my own pace. I sang songs, made up games, and reminisced senior year. I realized just how much I loved it! I thought about all the memories made last year and at Lovett. What great times!! -As well as the 14 year journey of which Lovett, my friends, and family were a big part.  I thought about how Nate will experience his high school years as an only child, and I won’t be part of it like he was for me. That makes me so sad.

We collected wood along the way in hopes of building a fire tonight. Mind you, we are in grasslands where there are no trees so it was a bit tough. But we were successful enough. There’s the decaying carcass of a yak right by us. I have developed a nasty, infected blister. We are at our highest camp and will begin descending tomorrow.

I guess we got a little too excited about the mushrooms last night because we had more for breakfast and mushroom dumplings tonight for dinner. Mushroom overload. What a beautiful night- mushroom jiaozi, cold air but a warm fire, and millions of stars!


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