Saturday, July 17, 2010

always a story...

Last night was a restless night with a cat and her kittens. Uncle Tim is allergic to cats so we tried to keep them out, but that was a battle. They got in a couple times during the night. Joel and I ran around the home/room in headlights and just barely awake, chasing little kittens while Uncle Tim remained in bed, laughing at us and avoiding contact with the little nuggets.

blister care

We got up to go to another festival at another monastery a few hours away. It was different and really cool. The women sat on one side, and the men on the other while baskets and baskets of bread were carried on the men’s backs up to us. It was quite a powerful image seeing all that bread carried up the hill and placed before all of us. Then there was milk tea, and rice with yak butter-not too tasty.

from below
motorcycles and umbrellas 
thank you's and goodbye

Our camp for the night is beautiful! Right by a stream and nestled in a steep valley. My future has become the hot topic. What I should do, where I should go, what I should study, etc. It’s fun to think of all the possible options out there, but totally overwhelming!


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