Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i fell into a...

Finally it was warm enough not to have to wear my mummy hood on my sleeping bag. I woke to a herd of yaks coming through the camp. A bit startling. Ever seen a yak run? It’s like watching a big sheet bounce around with four little peg legs sticking out of the bottom. They’re so funny looking.

We hiked further downhill until we arrived at the monastery where Jimpa used to live. We stayed in the 10th Panchen Lama’s father’s home who died just a couple years ago.

shocking- women working

water run

We went to another fire puja. This time it was initiated by a business from Lanzhou for the prosperity of the company. It was very commercial and didn’t have quite the same spirituality.

I just got back from an exploration to find another toilet. Mission accomplished. We did have to bust a door, but at least this new one has stable concrete around it. Our original one was a large hole with some old wood laid across to stand on. The wood bounced and squeaked so one wrong move and you’d be in deep shit, literally.

at least it has stable footing

We’ve been trying to get train tickets to go from Xining back to Shenzhen or Hong Kong. Turns out, the train tickets are super hard to get because of the Mafia. Jimpa has sent out different people to try to get some, but no luck. It’s a mess. Confusing and very weird.


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