Friday, January 9, 2015

inle lakeside

The 3 of us decided to check out Inle Lake. Tim had never been before and we heard some positive reviews. After spending a few days there, I have to say that I've seen better. It was pretty filled with tourist and hence has lost it's cultural charms. Needless to say, we found ourselves sharing a lot of laughs and made it a great time. 

First thing we did was a day long tour on the water. It included visiting a number of trade shops, some interesting, some not so much. 

We got off to wander and walked into a soccer game. There were so many colors going on that we couldn't figure out what the teams were. 

women weren't allowed at the 5 Buddhas so I watched from afar while Tim and Nate were given good luck

a monk feeding the birds


hanging gardens

some sweet girls harvesting flowers threw me a bouquet
Around sunset, some fake fisherman come out onto the waters to pose for tourists... as strange as it was, they still looked pretty cool 

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