Wednesday, January 7, 2015

day 2

view upon waking up

out for a stroll of the village

a chubster and his doll

an invitation for tea

We got to see some classes in action. 

oh the irony

the schoolyard 

construction for a new monastery 

constructing bamboo roof plates

tea drying

On our way through a small mountain town, we came across a party where the town was being presented solar panels. It seemed nice until we realized it was all a political ploy as this is the year for a new election. 

We carried on and came to another town for a walkabout. We passed by a little old lady walking oh so slowly in her bare feet. Joy, our guide, stopped to give her some money for a new pair of shoes. She graciously took his donation and invited us into her home for tea. 

the stories those wrinkles must tell

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