Monday, June 2, 2014

to portugal

While Bakin returned to Oxford for a quick class (what a dedicated student), I toured around Rome in the midst of their liberation day festivities. There were hoards of people, parades, fireworks. Quite exciting.

got to eat at a delicious restaurant at the recommendation of Mrs. Winborne. Thanks!

Then it was off to Porugal to meet back up with the boy. 

would you just look at that
We spent the night in a nice little hostel by the airport where we were greeted by the most delightful woman, Marta. The 3 of us stayed up and talked for hours into the wee hours of the morning over some port made by her family.

She pointed us in directions to some sites in Porto as we only had a couple hours to see this quaint city. 

eiffel bridge

We hurried back to the hostel to meet Ben, our host for the next few days. He swept us up into his newly acquired land cruising, safari vehicle and carried us into the northern hills to his farm tucked away in the grand landscape. 

We were greeted by his friendly dogs and lovely British parents. And led to our humble abode for the week...

it was AWESOME

the view out the front
With no sense of time (and no need for it) we all headed to take the dogs for a walk/check out the local cafe. Unsurprisingly, it was filled with men watching futbol. 
Ben's "mum" prepared a delicious dinner and we all came together for great conversation, wine, and a warm welcome to Portugal. 

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