Wednesday, June 4, 2014

to market

I awoke to this:
fresh squeezed OJ from the garden. am i lucky or what.
Then it was to the kitchen for a delicious leisurely breakfast of crepes, fresh bread left at the gate, and goodies from the garden. 
Once we finally got our day started, Ben dropped us with bikes at the market. We perused the market which had everything from bras and belts to fish and flowers and everything in between. After collecting some goodies, we wandered the town to see what it was all about. Not much it turns out. Pretty quiet place. 
managed to drop our precious bottle of €2 wine

Finally settled upon a perfect little spot on the water. It was a beautiful day! Made even better with great company and a picnic of wine, cheese, bread, and cherries. 

Once we realized the time we hopped on the bikes and headed back for Ben's. It was spectacular. Peddling hard up hills only to fly down past grape vines and cows and obnoxious dogs. 

naturally the clothes came off to reveal his Michaelangelo biking shorts...

 And eventually we made it back to Ben's!

Perfect timing to take a rather refreshing shower and to stuff ourselves yet again with Ben's mum's culinary creations and local wine. 

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