Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hittin the trail

After a lovely time in Paris with Scott and Laura, we jumped on an over night train to the Alps. We slept like babies and had to be woken up by a non English speaking conductor. Whoops. 

A couple steps in wrong directions before we could get our bearings straight. 

But then we were off! Here come 100 miles of mountain walking! 

looking for TMB signage
so sound of music

my kids will one day do this. there will be no excuses
the clouds lifted for some beautiful scenery

fresh from the source! 

So much to see along the way! Oh how the scenery and towns change over a matter of a day's hike! 
Notre Dame de la Gorge
 After several hours, we made it to what would be home for the night: Nant Borrant. Lovely place.

re-navigating for the next few days
We didn't know it but there's an ultra race going on right now. We cheered them on through the afternoon and evening. Amazing athletes. They're running what we are walking. I can't imagine. 

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