Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wrong way

cows at the temple

I’ve spent most of my days here in Hong Kong wandering and exploring the city and surrounding areas.  

This morning, Uncle Tim told me to take the 970 bus all the way around to Stanley (the beach/village/market I wanted to go to). As soon as I came up to the bus stop, the 970 bus pulled up so I just jumped on. Well I stayed on until it stopped at the Cyberport in some sketchy underground bus terminal. The bus turned off and everyone remaining got off. Not going to lie, the place freaked me out. There was no visible way out! So, I sat down on the ground and read. I finally found a bus going to Stanley and eventually made it. It was a beautiful bus ride along the coast.

I shopped in the market and made my way to a side beach. It was one of the most beautiful beaches with little pebbles instead of sand (which was nice, especially because I didn’t have a towel). I couldn’t think about what might be floating around in that water, but the temperature was perfect. The sunset was beautiful- probably because of all the pollutants in the air, but it was still colorful and pretty.

I did catch the right bus home- 973! It was pretty effortless and took me straight home.


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