Sunday, May 5, 2013


Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

my cinco de drinko began circa 11:30 am with Marietta's favorite Viva Mexico following the infamous Kentucky Derby party thrown by the Hatcher's (that included us couple of girls surrounded by parents and didn't go without some debauchery on all accounts). 

cheers, ladies!
 Mexican brunch was followed by a lovely driving tour of Marietta - where so many stories have taken place and so many of my favorite people are from. We went from "this is where I had my first beer" to running through their high school halls to "this is where ____ got in a fight with ____." It was so nice to finally see the places I've always heard about!

all good except Dover couldn't fit in the car
 Then a drive back to Athens for some continued celebrations. Tlaloc: Athen's best Mexican joint. They had bands and raffles and we stuffed ourselves with delicious food and an array of hot sauces, and Chris even brought his own tequila. 

Chris brought us this fine bottle of fun
And what would any night be without some nail painting, Goonies, and a sleepover (with my roommate of course)!? 
I let the artist do her thing
Sunday Funday at its finest!

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