Wednesday, January 18, 2012

day in the life

While most everyone else I know is back at school at this point, starting spring semester, I'm still home. #winning.

My days look something like this:
7 Wake up
put on grungy barn clothes
feed hungry horses – you would've thought they haven't been fed in dayyssss
put heavy barn door back on hinge
scrub freezing water buckets
situate blankets – take off. put on. put on. take off.
realize food is nearly out. make a trip to alpharetta [or find someone like mom to do it :) ]
2:30 squash lesson. runs late per usual
shower and change. quickly
4 [supposed to be babysitting] run by barn to feed again
4:30 finally get to babysitting
jump endlessly on trampoline
get pinched
play silly card games
be a bigger kid than the 3rd grade girl i'm supposed to be supervising
8 her mom releases me!
run back to barn to finish up barn chores
9:30 home again, home again.
dinner {still trying to stick with the cleanse too!}. shower. BED!!!

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